Photography plays a unique role in our world; catching our eye in magazines, advertising and books and shaping and influencing our culture with its vivid power to communicate. The power that photography has for me is bringing home landscapes, objects, characters, experiences and even human emotions, from distant lands.

My curiosity has led me to travel extensively throughout Europe, North America and Asia. As a freelance photographer, I have worked for different magazines and publications covering diverse fields including architecture, fashion, portraits, theatre, studio work, weddings, children and landscapes.

As a teacher/instructor, I teach young students the "Art of Seeing" and have led workshops, assisted photographers and attended numerous conferences.

As a practitioner, I am applying my traditional education in photography to techniques of digital image processing technologies. These technologies open vistas and possibilities in the photography field from every perspective: artistic, creative and commercial.

My walks through the world's streets and back alleys have been displayed at exhibitions and galleries. Books, newspapers and magazines in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and the United States have published my work.

When asked to explain my philosophy, I admit that I strive to bring unity and peace to the world through my work; honoring the earth that we have, which is the mother of us all.


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