By Brigitte Meuwissen

Once upon a time there was a cat and her name was Miaa.
Whoever thinks that this is a normal name, is wrong. Her name was given to her after she made her first sound, a sound that was not at all as the other kittens. "Miaouw, Miaouw" all her brothers and sisters would say and her little voice said "Miaaaa…."

Everybody in the village knew Miaa very well. Each day she would wander through the village looking for food. She would look through the windows and make that "Miaa" sound. All the people liked her and tended to her hungry stomach. Some even gave her milk and bread. She loved it.
"Miaa, thank you! I am on my way again." And off she went.

Miaa did not belong to anybody. She grew up as a wild cat.
One day she decided to take a walk deeper into the woods that surrounded the village. She wanted to find a friend that was as her, a little different. She was walking a long way through all kinds of bushes and did not find anybody like herself. MIAA stopped at the big tree and lay down into some dry grass.
Suddenly there was a little bird that came to have a look.

‘Hello, who are you, and what are you doing here?’
Miaa looked up and saw this very small bird standing next to that big tree.
‘I am Miaa’ and she added a little sound ‘Miaaaa’ I am looking for someone like me that is a little different than the others.
I have looked all over, in the woods and in the village, but I can not find anyone, miaaaaa.’
The bird was suppriced to hear her mia instead of miauow.
Than she said ‘I will go fly high in the sky and see if I can find somebody for you.
‘ OH ….. You would do that for me? Miaaa…..
The next moment the bird flew away, high in the sky and higher to make sure he would not miss a single spot.
Miaa was taking a nap, she was so tired but also very excited about meeting this special birdy.

‘ Miaa, wake up I am back’
OH, that was fast.
How was it, did you see something I did not see?

No, I flew all over, but could not see anything. I am sorry.

Miaa looked very sad.
‘I have an idea’ the bird was excited again.
I will go see all my friends and tell them you are here. They would love to meet you’
The bird left and came back with a hundred little birds to cheer Miaa up. All the birds started to sing for the cat and than the cat also tried to sing, Miaaaa, Miaaaa, Miaaaa, …
Suddenly the birds stopped and looked at Miaa. They looked at each other.
OHHH they would say. That is beautiful, you must be a very special cat.
Yes, Miaa said
They all looked one more time all over the woods in the hope to find a friend for Miaa but could not find anybody.

Miaa got up and she was on her way to go looking again. Next to rivers and in threes. Through bushes and fields.
Exhausted she went back to the village to find some food to eat. Her belly started to make some snoring sounds as well.

There was a window that was still lit up. Miaa glanced through the window and saw a little girl all alone sitting at the table with nothing on it.
‘Mmmmm, that is strange, nothing to eat? I wander why? Miaa knocked on the window and said ‘Miaaa, miaaa'.
The girl came running to open the window, She had heard that sound before. The cat came to her!

‘I have no food for us, what do I have to give her?’

She took Miaa in her arms. The birds came to see how Miaa was doing and saw her with the little girl.
Miaa was sitting with this girl and felt the warmth from her heart and heard her heart beating from excitement.
She felt home with this girl and the girl hugged Miaa even more to make sure she would not disappear.
Finally they had each other to give LOVE to. From that day on,
they lived happily ever after.

-The end-